Pricing will vary on a per-project basis. We will establish a price per article or per monthly batch of articles.

Typically, my monthly pricing follows this structure:

“Short” Articles (250-750 words)“Long” Articles (750-1500 words)
QTY 1x$200$400
QTY 4x$750$1,500
QTY 8x$1,400$2,800
QTY 12x$2,000$4,000

With 4x articles a month, you can post 1x per week. At 12x monthly, you can post 3x per week.

My price goes up depending on research required, industry, and experience needed.

I’m also available for whitepages, research paper, eBooks, and magazine articles, contact me for an official quote.

I tend to invoice monthly, and my invoices are automatically linked to my business PayPal account. You click the button and pay — it’s that simple.

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