Owner and Sole proprietor of CTB Writing


Engineer, Writer, Coffee Addict

My name is Connor, and I’m the man behind the content. I’ve been a professional writer since 2017 and a full-time engineer since 2015. Writing started as an after-work hobby, but quickly transformed into this – CTB Writing.

I graduated with a BSME from one of the top 50 programs in the country. I worked as a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager for a Fortune 50 company, the top chemical company in the country, a small manufacturing shop, and a large federal company.

I’ve worked in machine shops, engineering offices, 3D printing labs, and manufacturing buildings. I have hands-on experience doing the type of stuff I write about.

When I’m not writing, I’m playing video games, looking at pictures of cars, or drinking beer… Sometimes all three.

I’m always checking my email. Shoot me a message and I’ll get back in no time.

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